Monday, January 2, 2012

Project Life Cover Page

Yay, for a new year and a brand new book to fill with lots and lots of photos and random scraps of stuff! I did Project Life all year last year, and even though my book doesn't even close, I REALLY love that project!

It gave me a chance to collect and display all kinds of extra stuff from life, as well as collect photos from every day life. Now that a whole year has gone by and the book is finished, I love it even more! My over-sized book is so much fun to look at. Sometime I may photograph and share some favorite pages...they are just so hard to photograph with the glare from the page protectors.

So here is my new 2012 book. I have completed the cover so far. I was inspired by Ali Edwards cover page.

I definitely "altered" the original cards to make it more fun and also added some photos. I plan on adding some writing at the end of the year on the first card, after the year is over.

I also just finished last year's page. Not as artsy but I love that I summed up the whole year on that one card.


  1. I love that you are doing another project life year!! Joy chose my clementine book to sort her Europe travels and memorabilia. Looks like you both will have that "yummy" album. I will do turquoise as I showed on my blog. I'm so glad you made such a great 2011 album. And I love your cover page!

  2. I think your cover page turned out great!