Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Loves

Even though it is only the second day of Fall, I am already excited! I wrote a list of all the things I am looking forward to this season:

1) Long runs...getting ready for the Seattle half marathon

2) Crispy leaves

3) Wearing my newish boots (got last year)

4) Hot lattes with lots of foam (I might even break out my personal latte maker at home!)

5) Drinking tea every night (already doing this...I love my Hamilton water boiler!)

6) New episodes of Castle

7) Scrapbooking all my summer photos

8) Pretty colors everywhere. I want to drive Chuckanut Drive, which is up North...apparently beautiful in the Fall.

9) Football! I get to go to Apple Cup this year at the Seahawk Stadium!

10) Getting thin and healthy. I am newly inspired by my personal trainer. :)

Bring it on cold weather! You cannot beat me!


  1. Did you get a new personal trainer? Like your list of fall loves. Had a pumpkin spiced latte few days ago, was yummy, tastes like fall :)