Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We Rearranged our House!

Tonight Matty and I did a little rearranging, and a couple of trips to Good will! We got rid of our big boxy TV and got a newer flatter one, which takes up lots less space!

Here are a couple in progress...
Kitty sure loves those boxes!

Matt had a great idea to buy a second 6 foot table to add to my scrapbook room! I love having more space! Now that the TV is no longer in the spare bedroom, there is lots more space for scrapbooking! Renae has a place where she can come over. We also put the desk top computer into the spare room so that we can use it for internet.

Here is what it used to look like...
(Don't you just love the little kitty feet?)

And here is the new tv and the new scrapbook room:
There is still a lot of work to be done and more organizing, but I am so glad to have this whole process started!


  1. It looks GREAT. More table space is wonderful for crafts. Now you really have your own craft space! My grand babies will love it too. They can be with mommy while they sleep. ;)

  2. Ps. I love those kitty paws. Laying on daddy's lap!!

  3. That's hilarious, what is it with cat's and boxes!! I love the pictures of Leo in the box and Flash? in Matt's lap. Too funny!!

    As for the non kitty related side of it, I think its great! Looking good! Yay for goodwill trips and reorganizing and using your space better. Kinda funny we're doing that here too... well minus a new TV and stuff. I'm thinking you should make a cute banner to go over your window in your scrapbook room :)