Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bike ride to Seward Park + another wedding

After my boot camp class today, I was silly enough to coerce Matt into letting me go along with him on his long bike ride! I really wanted to thoroughly enjoy this last day of summer! It was truly a beautiful day. We rode our bikes all the way from our house to Seward Park and back! I will have to check specifics, but I believe that it was more than 25 miles. The views on Lake Washington Boulevard are amazing, and we even stopped for some coffee on the way home. I got a pumpkin spice latte...yum!
After our amazing ride, Matty and I went to a very nice wedding! My photography was terrible, especially due to bad lighting but ALSO due to somehow being extremely unsteady in the hand. (Almost all shots were blurry...yuck!)

Here's a cute one (that's only a little fuzzy)
And here is an quick ode to my favorite favorite cake! Its Italian Creme cake. I first had it at Aileen's wedding last year and quickly fell in love! I have only had this cake a couple of times, but it is truly the best thing I have every eaten! I will have to get the recipe sometime soon!
The true confession is...this cake is the reason I went on that bike ride today! It was so, so delicious and I had two pieces. :)
Thanks for reading my silly, random post. :)

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  1. I love reading your "silly random posts". It looks like a sweet wedding. My favorite kind. That cake does look great. We will be leaving for Germany on Tue. Miss you. Lubm