Friday, April 1, 2011

I love my coffee

This morning I was delighted to receive some delicious steamed soy on top of my americano. Thank you barista from Starbucks! It was delicious!

So that got me thinking about how much I love coffee and that I should do a blog post about my favorite little drink.

Mostly at home I drink drip coffee, no cream or sugar. Matty usually makes it for me! (Lovely guy!)

At Starbucks I generally get a tall Americano. Usually I put a little cream in there but lately I've been staying away from the cream. That's why I got soy today.

When I visit random coffee shops I almost always order a 16 oz latte. When I feel like being healthy I make the latte non fat.

I love latte art. I also love donuts. This picture was taken at Top Pot the afternoon after my half marathon. Fortunately I haven't really indulged in crazy unhealthy sweets since then!

I love sitting in a coffee shop. Sometimes I think its worth the ridiculous $7 for a latte and sweet treat, just so I can chill out for a couple hours and read or spend time with friends.
Coffee: I will never leave you. I may go crazy every couple of years and try to "quit" you, but I will always be back.

I am a coffee drinker for life. :)


  1. I had so much fun going to all those coffee shops last time we were in town! I really miss that over here... I am also a coffee drinker for life :)

  2. Beautiful photos!