Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Will it ever stop raining?

I am ready for summer.

Apparently summer is not ready for Seattle.

Its not even really spring here because its SO COLD! However, the trees are beautiful.

Its the time of year for the ducks to be having babies at green lake, for the daffodils to fully bloom and for the trees to be perfectly pink. I am sure Spring is happening somewhere out there, but right now I am stuck INSIDE! B

Because of the weather, the crazy rain and heavy wind.

I am ready for summer!!!! Where are you?


  1. Ugh, seriously! Feels like November around here. The cherry blossoms are gorgeous right now but the photos just don't look good with water splotches on them. *grumpy*

  2. We had a sunny day last friday!! We walked around the park, and went down to see how high the river was. (VERY HIGH). So many people were out soaking up vitamin D. Rainy and cloudy every day since. I still haven't pruned my roses. SOON, spring...summer will come! Mom