Saturday, March 12, 2011

My indulgence!

Today I worked hard. I was pretty sick, yet a spent an hour and a half at the gym. One hour of it was boot camp and its always really hard! I love that.

When I got home Matty and I cleaned both bathrooms and cleaned the floors. We also took the garbage out. It may not sound like much, but we spent a long time doing a thorough job.

Today I also planned my lesson for tomorrow. I am teaching the kids at the meeting so I had to prepare a bible story to read as well as a craft. The kids will be painting their own treasure boxes! Hopefully that will be fun. I bought some kraft colored plain treasure boxes from Joann's.

Crazy, busy Saturday.

So at 3:00, I treated myself to some yummy treats at Starbucks!
(Do you like how I am rationalizing my sweets?)

I got the birthday cake flavored cake pop as well as the salted caramel square. Both were delicious! And free!

We headed to Heather and Phil's for an evening of tacos and games. We also caught the last ten minutes of the UW v. Arizona basketball game. Washington won by one point in overtime!

It has been a busy, yet fun day. Definitely enhanced by the sweets that I got to eat. Go sugar!!!


  1. What were you treating yourself for?

  2. All my hard work at boot camp and cleaning the house!

  3. Way to go on the house cleaning. I need to go do that...

  4. So glad you had those pops. SO glad you and Matt had fun cleaning. It feels good to have it done.