Sunday, March 20, 2011

A beautiful day to race!

I am so blessed that today the sun is shining! I ran the Mercer Island half marathon and it is now my favorite race course! As you run around the island you can see all the different mountain ranges and they were all so beautiful today.

As I ran the race I knew I would make it under 2:00.00. I decided to try to beat 1:55.00 and even made myself a deal that I would buy myself something from Lululemon if I beat that time! Fortunately for my pocket book, my time was around 1:56:00 to 1:57:00. I don't think the official results have been posted yet and I was a bit distracted at the end...didn't hit the "stop" on my watch right away. But I am still so proud of my time, its my fastest time ever, including the easy Snake river race last year. And even better, I AM NOT INJURED!!!

Here are some photos of the race:
And I have a few more recent photos that I want to share. Just some photos from every day life that make me happy.
And here are some photos from this year's St Patrick's Day. We broke out the face paint from last year and we even went to a coffee shop instead of just sitting around the house!


  1. Wow! What a great race! You look awesome and your pictures are great. I love the little kitty in the dryer!

  2. I looked at the pictures twice and noticed Flash in the dryer the 2nd time!! Thats such a cute picture! I had fun hanging out this weekend. Maybe I can get the pix w/ all the girls at Top Pot from you...

  3. LOVE Flash in the dryer! It needs a lolcatz caption...I'm gonna try to think of one.

    Congrats on your race! That's awesome.