Saturday, January 15, 2011

Totally lazy Saturday...

It's been a completely lazy day! First, I woke up late, around 9:00. I managed to leave the house for an hour in the morning; I met Hannah at the gym and we worked out for an hour. It was SO HOT at the gym today, we were both sweating buckets and it was was moderately uncomfortable.

Most of the day I relaxed, did housework, laundry and dishes. I made myself some delicious oatmeal with dried cranberries, walnuts and brown sugar, one of my favorite meals to eat this week.

Matt went to work at 2:30, which was sad, I miss him! I spent an hour backing up and organizing my photos. Then I spent an hour and a half getting groceries at Trader Joe's. It was crazy! Talk about traffic, completely packed parking lots and so many people in the store that it was impossible to navigate. I tried not to get stressed out, and I ended up just taking my time in the store. While I was there someone parked in a way that trapped me in. The parking security guard had to help me out while I did what felt like a 15 point turn. I am glad I wasn't in a hurry or stressed because it would have been a nightmare afternoon.

Right now I am waiting for Matt to get home because he asked me out on a date! I took a hot bubble bath, put make up and heels on and painted my fingernails red. He says he already knows where he's taking me, but I have no idea! How exciting!

So I thought I would post a couple photos I've taken in the past few weeks.

At last night's home meeting we enjoyed using Chris's brand new Nespresso machine and automatic milk foamer. The lattes were delicious and so fun to make!
The kids decorated gingerbread men...and they let me decorate one too!
Good bye J & E's old place! Last weekend we helped them move to a brand new condo across the street. Its a beautiful place with beautiful views. Hopefully soon they will figure out a way to get their nice big couch into it! (The doors and elevator are too small and the couch is too big...sad!)

I thought I should take a photo of J's award wall...pretty cool.
And last, but not least, Poker! I love this game. I love the King of Spades (my favorite card.) I love snacking and chatting and losing this game. I love that Ben cooked us an apple pie in about 20 minutes so that we would have delicious food to eat.
Fun times in January so far!


  1. I am so glad you were able to stay "calm" and relaxed in that messy shopping trip you made. It is so much healthier than letting the stress get to you. Great job!!! You also called your mother on this great saturday.:)
    How fun a surprise date! Have a great week. LUBM

  2. Hey Jenn! Sounds like fun! Like that picture of the chips.