Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random Facts...

1) I have only taken photos on TWO days this year. I have photos of poker night and of Josh & Ellen's move. Interestingly, I haven't even uploaded said photos onto my computer yet. Last year I took photos every day and uploaded at least every other day. What is happening to me?

2) Matt bought me the new Zac Brown Band CD which I LOVE (And I'm listening to it right now!)

3) I still love my gym and have been working out and hour or two a day. (Yet somehow I am still gaining weight. Sucks!)

4) Seattle got tons of snow last night and it was gone in a matter of hours this morning. We had a torrential downpour of rain which washed all the snow away!

5) Renae visited me last weekend and we had a blast. We went to coffee, made Mexican food together, went to the scrapbook store, went to coffee again, went to Dilettante, went to coffee a third time and hung out lazily around my house. I have NO PHOTOS to document. But I had a blast!!! She even fed my very whiny cats yesterday morning so that I could sleep in for a little longer!

Happy January 12th! Hopefully I will start taking photos again so that I will have something interesting to post. :)


  1. Photos are not necessary to post! I love reading what you write. I am glad you and Renae had a wonderful time together. Keep your camera out and available, you'll take photos when you need to. Just enjoy. Mom.

  2. Hey Jenn! Well I got some pix @ Dilettante so we'll have to do that picture swap sometime. I really had fun hanging out. Sorry you had to work... Our snow quickly melting too, lots of rain here (even on Mt Spokane, Joe was there today)