Sunday, January 9, 2011

My scrapbook room

This weekend and for the rest of the month my goal is to re-organize my scrapbook room. I think everyone in my life would agree that I have TOO MUCH STUFF! I love my stuff. Don't get me wrong, everything I have purchased to scrapbook with I TRULY LOVE. But there is too much. I need to purge and reorganize so that I have an easier time using what I do have.

Here is a recent photo of my scrapbook room while it is "in use." As you can see, my cat Leo loves to be part of the fun.

Of course this is messy because I just made a page, but the problem is that it stays messy for for too long. I realize that there are some things that I need to sort through:

1) Letter stickers. I have tons! And I love them all! The problem is that eventually I run out of vowels and they become less useful. They still take up lots of space, especially the thickers. Since I never get rid of anything I have thickers packages that I've had for 3+ years! I think that someday I will use them. (But I don't. Yet I am still attached.)

2) Scrap paper. I used a TON of my scrapbook paper this year because I made a 365 album that used 4x6 sheets. I used scrap paper for all of it and almost EVERY PAGE was different (365 pages). So that leaves me with less scrap paper, but also less useful scrap paper. Its all smaller and cut up since I cut 4 x12 or 4x6 sheets out of it. The more I "use" my scrap paper (and I do a lot) the smaller the sheets get and the more crazy shapes I get. Yet I keep it all!!! What is wrong with me?

3) Embellishments that I got in kits that maybe I don't like as much. One of my goals is to use everything in the kits I get, that way I feel that I get my money's worth. But inevitably there is always something that I don't ever use, and it sits around my room.

So this weekend I will try very hard to purge some things. My best friend is coming into town and hopefully I can off load some of my extras onto her. Maybe we can even swap letter stickers or something, that might be fun.

I will try to report back on my progress. Happy Ninth of January!


  1. Another idea would be to set up a travel kit with extras...already packed up for your crops etc. Just adding your tools as you leave for your crop. Have it all be for travel only?! Then what you have in your room will be more manageable. Just an idea. Your scrappy mom.

  2. P.S. I trough away many tiny scraps when I moved things to my Spokane house. It feels good to clear things out.!