Saturday, January 29, 2011

Right now

Listening: Silence. I can hear my kitty breathing.
Eating: Nothing. I just finished some "fried cheese" from Trader Joe's about an hour ago. That's enough to make you full for awhile!
Drinking: Agua!
Wearing: comfy brown shirt + jeans
Feeling: tired (from my earlier work out) and relaxed (nothing to do!)
Weather: raining! That was a fun run.
Wanting: a nap. Yes, I am truly very tired. :)
Needing: Probably more calories soon (I worked out HARD)
Thinking: I like this little list. Glad I stole if from this blog:
Enjoying: That I get to spend my weekend with a close friend that JUST GOT ENGAGED. Yay!
Wondering: When we will get to go to the French Bakery. Hopefully soon!

My weekend has been fun so far! More on that later. :)


  1. What a great list. It says alot!!! So glad you get to see your friend. I think I know her too! :). I will be computer less for a few days as I am helping grand dad pack to move to a new room. I'll be in Spokane for a few days. I love reading your blog. LUBM