Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Obsessions!

I guess I am easily obsessed. This is the third post on obsessions that I've done in just a few short months. When I like something, I REALLY like it.

I've been watching Lois & Clark on Netflix! Its a super campy show, but as I am a secret fan of anything Superman, its a new favorite of mine! And I love all the little reminders of life in the nineties! I especially like those shoulder pads that Lois wears...ha ha.

My converse shoes! Yes, I love them.

Red fingernail polish! It does a wonder of good in the fall! Makes me so happy to glance down at brightly colored red nails.

Kefir! Yes, the sour drinkable yogurt. I think its delicious and it supposedly even helps weight loss...I think. Not sure that I have heard this from a reputable source, but oh well!
Tonight I am enjoying a relaxing Tuesday. I did some intervals at the gym, and now I am eating chicken noodle soup and watching Superman. So much fun! I just wish Matt were home to enjoy the evening with me. He wont get home until 9:30! Sad!


  1. Hey Jenn! I'm excited to come over this weekend... maybe I can try some of that kefir stuff if you have any left. Glad you still like your new shoes!

  2. So do you watch Smallville then?
    Seriously...some major Clark/Lois action going on there.

  3. Jenn, Anyone with small feet can love converse shoes. Big feet, beware! I love to hear of your obsessions. lubm