Sunday, November 21, 2010

Should have been a fabulous weekend...

But I am sick!!!

Despite my ignoring it, I have been mega congested for two days and blowing my nose constantly. It has been completely miserable.

But we did some fun things.

I made holiday tags today and made a huge creative mess. It was a total blast!
We got a little fake snow today! Actually the snow was real, it was floaty and sprinkly. But it did not stick. So that's why I call it fake snow. Matty and went on a walk to Starbucks where I sipped on a peppermint mocha and stared at the snowflakes falling.
We went to a friends house for a nice dinner and finished the evening off with Trophy cupcakes! They are delicious...puts the Cupcake Royale to shame! The heart on the red velvet cupcake was so cute.
I hope that tomorrow I feel better because I have a full week ahead of me. I have an appointment with my trainer at 9:00 and an appointment with myself to get some online CEs done tomorrow. Its going to be a crazy week!


  1. I am so sorry you are sick! I hope to see you at thanksgiving. So glad you had fun making a creative mess. Will you run your marathon if you are sick??? lubm

  2. Unless I am strapped to a hospital bed I will be running the race! It would be nice if I got well though, so I can actually perform well.

  3. Well, I don't know about put to shame but trophy cupcakes are pretty good, esp the upside down pineapple one :) Yumm!!