Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pictures of the week

Here are pictures of the week from last week. I will have to catch up on a different day. Right now I need to get off the computer and go somewhere because a VERY ANNOYING little dog is barking in the back yard and its driving me CRAZY!!!

Sunday, November 7th:
It was a crazy day of talking and socializing all day. Matt and I helped with the kids in children's meeting. Then we had lunch with Dave & Christie W. and ended up talking to them until 4:00. Then we headed to Emiliya's house for Turkish coffee and cupcakes.

Saturday, November 6th:
Today was a full day. I ran 12 miles, watched the Ducks v. Husky game at Phil & Heather's and went on a date with Matty. My photo of the day is me getting all dressed up; I took photos in the mirror. After all, I never get dressed up! I even painted my fingernails!

Friday, November 5th:
Luckily I snapped a photo of Flash sleeping in the early morning, because I didn't have my camera the rest of the week. We had an awesome home meeting at Glenn & Audra's. They got a piano! I played it all night.

Thursday, November 4th:
This was a beautiful day! Emiliya and I walked around the lake and we took pictures of the gorgeous leaves.

Wednesday, November 3rd:
The perfect day. 70 degrees! We sat at Greenlake on the beach in shorts and T-shirts with the sun in our faces. Too bad I didn't have my camera for that! I did pick up Thanksgiving blend and a latte in the new Christmas cup!
Tuesday: November 2nd:
A very ordinary Tuesday! We ate dinner in the living room watching Superman. Matt made dinner and then he made two types of pudding that we devoured.

Monday: November 1st:
I finished working on my October book, which has been super fun!


  1. i like your pic of you getting dressed up! It is very cute!

  2. Very cool! I like the new cups too! I forgot to look at your October book when I was there....
    - Renae