Friday, November 19, 2010

Up way too late

I am up way too late and I'm getting sick so I'm not supposed to stay up late! I just can't seem to go to sleep. Part of the problem is that I have so much snot that its hard to breathe! Okay, I know that is a bit disgusting. So sorry!

I haven't been taking photos and putting them on my computer and printing them out right away! I know that this is fine. But I was SO GOOD for about nine months, and then October hit and NOW its NOVEMBER and its so hard to take photos. I am at work during most of the light hours! Its so hard to take photos in my condo at night. What is there to take photos of? Cats? Food? I've pretty much exhausted all my possibilities for Picture of the Day.

But I am still trying. Here's a photo I took this week. Leo was sleeping on Matt's back and he tried to stand up and Leo just stayed there! Matt decided to SLOWLY stand up all the way and Leo sort of climbed on Matt's shoulders. It was very cute.
My half marathon is in ONE WEEK.
Thanksgiving is in FIVE DAYS.
Life is about to get VERY BUSY.

Thanks for putting up with this completely random post. :)


  1. What a great photo of the day!!! Go for it Leo!

  2. oh and how about some pictures of holiday decorations? or some snow related stuff??

  3. This random post was awesome! Leo is so cute!