Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Photos from my weekend: May 6-8

Its been awhile since I uploaded any photos...I am pretty behind. I am also behind on scrapbooking since I have not done it in a few weeks! Actually tonight I managed to make one page and I am so proud and happy about that. :)

Sometimes when my life gets crazy and stressful I forget to be creative. Only it turns out that creativity is actually an OUTLET for my stress. I feel much better after playing with paper, paint, ink, stamps and stickers.

So quickly I thought I would share a few photos from my weekend. Matty and I traveled to Pullman where we watched my wonderful brother and his wonderful wife GRADUATE from college. Even though we sat through TWO graduation ceremonies, we actually had a great time. Here is me with James' awesome hat! He got the idea when Josie was bedazzling her own hat with a sequin shaped cougar footprint...and then he went crazy engineer on the hat and made a "Tassel-Castle."
And here is another shot of the hat as I also capture James downloading his air horn application. Funny guy!
Congratulations James and Josie!
And meanwhile Matty is filling up on stale pretzel! I shouldn't give him a hard time...he deserves a break. This is what happened to him on Friday...
Yes, that is right. My poor husband rolled his ankle at Cross fit and it swelled to twice the size.

But on a happier note to end this post...a mother's day photo!
Here we all are at James and Josie's graduation party. We thought we would give Mom the spot light for about 2 minutes. ;) I love how we are all wearing pink.


  1. Too bad about Matt's ankle. Hope he's feeling better!! Glad you guys had fun in Pullman! Looks like some super creative graduation hats :) creativity can be very therapeutic! Maybe I should go have a therapy session at your house ;)

  2. I loved having the spotlight. Thank you! We did have a great time and I am so glad they have graduated. So cute how they did their hats. Creative genes win again!

  3. huh... all your comments got deleted too....