Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Rainy Sunday

After just two days of semi-nice weather, the rain is at it again!
Fortunately at least my morning plans involve some indoor activity. Matt and I are headed to Pete's coffee where we will relax a little before the meeting. I have to finish all my children meeting planning. We are learning about James and John today, who followed Jesus when they were mending their nets. Since there is a conference, there will be twice as many kids!

My other plans for today include:
Cooking lunch and dinner (no eating out today! We did enough of that yesterday!)
Maybe meeting the girls for coffee or another such get together
Swimming and hot tubbing at the gym (my legs are toast!)
Possibly watching Matty put together his brand new bike! Its now a box in our hallway.
Using my awesome new phone!This is my phone, except mine is prettier. It has a pretty pink flower background. ;)

I will try to appreciate a rainy Sunday. Maybe I will even find time to scrapbook!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Cute Phone! Sounds like a great weekend. We have had only 2 or 3 days of sunshine so far this spring. Lots of rain right now, but at least we have leaves and blossoms on the trees now. There is hope! Enjoy. mom

  2. Its raining here too. Saturday was nice though. Maybe I should scrapbook too before the weather gets nice :)

  3. I really want a new phone, but my hubby says "it still works, so we need to keep using it". Is it wrong that I drop it all the time... so I can get a new one???! lol