Sunday, May 22, 2011

As promised (yet late)

Mountain biking photos!

Every year I have promised myself that I would join Matt at one of his XC mountain bike races. Yet every year I fail to follow through!

My nice friend Ellen let me borrow her bike. On Wednesday Matty and I did some practice riding at Duthie Hill in Issaquah...
(These photos were taken with my cell phone...not bad eh?)

Then today I entered in my first race as a beginner! There were only three women that entered in the beginner race, so I got to be on the podium! Even though I was last, I had a blast. I rode with the women most of the way and just got behind at the end when I had to walk my bike through most of the tricky stuff. The important thing is that I finished and had fun!
We did a little bit of camping the night before at Dungeness Spit, between Sequim and Port Angeles. We had a blast this weekend! We will be camping next weekend and the weekend after that as well, and this will be a great kick start to our summer.
Can't wait to go back!


  1. WOW!!!! I had no idea you were going to be in the race! It sounds great that you had so much fun. WELL...does that mean another bike purchase? :)...At least you know a great bike mechanic. :) So glad for your success. LUBM

  2. Thats great Jenn! Hope that was on your "bucket" list :) Camping looks fun! Looking forward to this weekend!!