Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My life as a housewife...

Okay, don't freak out. This is not a permanent situation. Actually it is only lasting for one day. Today, Tuesday December 28th. (posting two days late) For a random reason I have the day off! So I decided to document what my life would be like as a housewife.

4:40 Matt wakes me up to say good bye. I notice a cute kitty sleeping on my tummy.

4:42 I try to go back to sleep but I cannot! I lay around wishing that I could sleep in, seeing as how I actually have the day off.

6:00 Kitties are whining and I feed them, although its way too early

6:20 Eat a cranberry vegan muffin and some cold french press that I saved from yesterday. (Trying to cut down on coffee so I saved myself half a cup. But I didn't heat it...since I am lazy)

7:00 Look on the internet and get inspired to scrapbook

8:00 I made a 4x6 pocket page about Cannon Beach & Manzanita.

9:30 Vacuum the whole house, even the corners.

10:00 Load the dishwasher, run the load. Wash last night's dishes, wipe the counters.

10:10 Unpack from our overnighter at Phil & Heather's from last Saturday, straighten up the bedroom, put away some clothes, run a load of laundry, clean and wipe bathroom counter. Empty the litterbox.

12:00 make myself a tuna sandwich and let Leo eat some from the can.

1:00 get ready to go to the gym. Did NOT take a shower as I have no where to go today and I DON'T shower before the gym. Just put on mascara and deodorant.

2:00-3:00 1 hour treadmill intervals...watched King of Queens during part of it!

3:30 Come home and Matt is there already. We eat chocolate raspberry ganache that his friend Marie made for him. We also drank some French Press coffee.

5:30 Matt went to the gym and I cooked dinner! We had crab stuffed flounder, Yummy salad and a veggie medley (all TJ's of course)

8:00 Peter and Hannah came over and we drank some tea and talked.

9:45 I drove them home and we stopped at Safeway on the way. I purchased ingredients for tomorrow's dinner. So very "housewife" of me.

So that was my day. Just a typical day in the life of Jenn. Okay, just kidding...this NEVER happens. But it was fun to record such an atypical day. :)


  1. I love that you had such a great atypical day!

  2. ps...you are a house wife with a job outside the home as well!