Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I made a couple more tags...

...That I will have to post later! Unfortunately, there is really no sunlight except when I'm at work. So hard to take photos of projects!

I have been staying up every night until 12 am when Tim posts his new tag. Silly, right?

I just wanted to mention on my blog that Matt and I cleaned and organized our whole house! And of course, I have pictures! See how the bikes are NOT in the living room? And the futon is gone from the spare room? More room for my scrapbooking! We are so excited about our new clean space (and I know my mom would be excited too).

Another random bit of information...I am finally getting use to using my camera in manual mode. This is huge for me!


  1. I am very excited!!! It looks great. It feels so good to have "space"! I am also so glad you are learning more about your great camera. Are you still hoping for a poloroid?? I hope to come visit in Jan or Feb to see my dad but would love to spend a few nights with you. I will keep you posted. LUBM