Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st is here

Which means...

Only one more month of daily photos! (at least for awhile) I am excited about this!

Only 13 more days until I turn 25. Craziness!

For the next week or so I will try to document the beginning of winter in my picture of the day. I have already taken a photo of my coat collection and my messy table. (My table full of catalogs and Godiva ads and graduation announcement, all fun end of year stuff!)

And of course there is soup. I made some soup on Sunday with left over Thanksgiving turkey. It was delicious! I am so proud that I made soup!
I love December. I remember as a kid being asked what my favorite month was and the answer being "December, of course." At the time December meant two whole weeks off school! Now I am not so lucky to have two weeks, but I do get lots more time off!

I am looking forward to:

Annual work Christmas party on Friday (Dec 3rd)

Watching apple cup on Saturday (Dec 4th)

Possibly going to Spokane on December 11th, maybe even getting to see Bethany graduate from nursing school.

Birthday on the 13th (as already mentioned)

Whistler trip on the 18th...yay!

And of course the awesome holidays and fun at the end of the month. Should be a great end to an awesome year!


  1. Have a great month!!! The 3rd and 13th are my favorite days. WOW... may baby will be 25! An early happy birthday to you!

  2. December is my favorite month too! I guess that's what happens when it includes your birthday. :) Love the tags you made!