Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week in the Life-Sunday

A Sunday in Seattle:

As an early morning riser, I treated myself to some drip coffee at the Starbucks drive through. (big surprise!)

Woke up around 7am and drove over to Bellevue to run with a friend that is staying in town for the weekend. We ran at a place nearby, Kelsey Creek Farm. There are lots of steep trails and stairs, which was a great work out! I took some pictures at the farm of course!

Loved this pig!The people she was staying with were nice enough to invite me to eat some breakfast! She already had an omelet cooking on the stove. I was happy to eat something full of fresh veggies and of course some yummy grapes on the side:

Coffee at their house so so easy! Just push a button and voila! Fresh coffee!I drove back to Seattle as it started to rain! Big surprise. Matt noticed that I am in the Bellingham Herald today...they quoted me from our interview! He texted his friend at work to get me a copy.

Matty and I went to the meeting. We sang hymns from the hymnal on my phone...the only picture I took. Not really an appropriate place to take photos. :)
Weekly Trader Joe's shopping trip! I was so proud of myself for bringing my own bags today, I almost always forget.

Always love the samples. :) Today they had flatbread and hummus.We snacked on crackers, smoked gouda, and salami. Totally delicious, yet completely fattening!
We had a late lunch with family at Matt's parent's place. I snuck in a quick self timed shot. :) By this seventh day of recording my life, everyone is a little sick of all the photos (especially Matt!) After this one, I got a "No More!"Matt's mom teaches everyone how to make Ethiopian lentils. I got to be the camera girl, so I didn't have to touch any onion or garlic. :)After we got home we did a little relaxing. Matt "dinked" on the computer while lying on the floor. I have no idea how this is comfortable, but he loves it! Meanwhile I made a banner for Peter's homecoming tomorrow! He has been in Germany for a month, so I made him a banner that says Willkommen su Hause. :) We went over to Hannah's place in the evening and I hung the banner on their bed:And that is ALL! Possibly the last photos I will be taking with my retro camera app. So glad this week is over. :) Now I must say I am a little burned out and wondering if any of this photos will ever make it into an album. Maybe blogging is enough. :)

Happy August 1st! Its nice in Seattle. :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in the Life-Saturday

Amazing day! Matt and I went to Bellingham for the Tour de Whatcom.

Started before 5 am... (just had to get another clock shot!)
My (first) breakfast! This photo was extremely difficult to take in the moving car. I took about 20 and deleted the rest. I got some drip coffee to go with my oatmeal and added some of the fixings, the nuts and the dried fruit. Left off the sugar, of course.
Here we are in line waiting for registration. Matt's race started at 7:30 because he did the 105 mile ride! My race did not start until 11:30, so I had a lot of time to kill.
The race took place in downtown Fairhaven, which is a little south of Bellingham. The town was so cute! I rode my bike around for awhile and finally found a cute little coffee shop called Tony's where I ate my (second) breakfast! I got there around 8:00 and sat at the bar by the window so I could watch my bike outside. While I sat there I looked at emails and blogs because I had my awesome phone with me!
These little dogs guarded my bike well! (I noticed no one in Bellingham really locks their bikes anyway. Maybe that's because it was 8am and hardly anything was open.)
I went back to the car and did some reading...
After this I headed back up the hill (two blocks) and walked around the town until the cupcake shop opened at 10. I took lots of photos with my SLR, just practicing with shutter speed AND I discovered how to use my self timer. Its about time! After a whole year of owning this camera. Its sad, really.

Here I enjoyed my (third) breakfast! A caramel macciato cupcake!

A couple of detail shots...

Waiting for the race to start. I learned to use my self timer today!The race was amazing! I did not actually get any photos during the race, although I REALLY really wanted to. The competitive side came out and I tried to go as fast as possible and stop as less as possible, so no pics! The scenery was incredible! The fields and water and Mount Baker were all just amazing. I really wanted my real camera...maybe next time! :)

Post race goodies! I actually indulged in several snickerdoodles and didn't eat any of the candy. I also didn't stop and eat at the pit stop! I did use the restroom and take some photos though.
Waiting for Matt to finish! I took a photo of my feet and my cute new jeans and of course my trusty SLR. I have really missed it this week, just with using my phone.
Most of the good photos were taken with the SLR...I will probably post some of them a little later. I am liking just keeping this to black and white phone pictures.

After our race we got some Starbucks drinks with our treat reciepts from this morning! This Week in Life project has made me realize how much I go to Starbucks! Its really rather scary!Matt stopped by at his work to ice his legs and use the laser on his sore muscles. I thought it was a good opportunity to photograph where Matt works. I wasn't allowed in the building. :(
After getting home aroung 6:00 and showering, we met with our friends Josh & Ellen & Hannah. We went out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Agua Verde. They serve delicious Mexican food and its right on the ship canal. Unfortunately we were told it would be a 1.5 hour wait! We stood in line for chips & drinks and got a chance to eat them at a picnic table by the water. (Our wait ended up only being 40 minutes!)After a delicious dinner (even though we were full!) we decided to go to Dilletante for dessert! I was unable to get many photos because it was dark inside, but I got a few. One is in the bathroom...I loved that enormous mirror!

Such a fun and beautiful day! Typically Saturdays for us are this crazy! This summer we have been so busy. :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in the Life-Friday

Finally Friday!

I was a bit of a rush on Friday morning, thanks to my steel cut oats that took twice as long to cook as normal oatmeal. (Time to shop for more oatmeal.)

Took a photo going down the elevator. What I experience every day, may someday be just a memory! Hopefully I wont be living in this Condo forever. :)

I drank coffee at work today. Matty must have been in a rush, because he didn't have time make coffee and leave me some. Luckily we have a coffee maker at work now!
Here is my co-worker, also drinking some coffee. We are a very caffeinated office!
And speaking of coffee, a patient brought me some Starbucks beans today! Yay!
After work I had my appointment with my trainer. I thought today went really well! We talked a lot about diet and she looked at the food log that I keep on my phone. She said my calories have been fine, but I need to eat a little healthier! (I am assuming that the french fries from last night didn't help!)

I asked her to help me take a photo of myself working out. She had a great idea to photograph me doing one of the most ridiculous and hard work outs...pull ups with my feet in weights and doing knee-ups. Hard! And funny looking! Some of the guy trainers may have commented that it looked pretty cool, though. :)

All the photos came out a little blurry...
After my work out I went shopping! This is not a weekly thing, or even monthly! Yesterday I recieved my $50 gap card in the mail (credit card rewards) and this motivated me to shop! Unfortunately I couldn't find a thing at GAP that I liked or that fit. So I ended up just shopping at American Eagle, my favorite store.
I ended up buying some jeans with holes! I guess this 25 year old still thinks she's 16!
After a lovely shopping spree (bought the jeans + two cute shirts) I headed to yoswirl for some slightly tart asian inspired frozen yogurt! I got mine with blueberries and almonds. (Thinking of Jen, my trainer! She would have liked the fruit and protein!)After a successful shopping trip, I didn't leave before getting my ring cleaned! Love it when its clean and sparkly. :)

While I was at the mall, Matt was working hard at Cross fit! He climbed the rope 6 times, dead lifted 240 lbs thirty times, did 90 push ups and 180 double-under jump ropes. I thought that even though I don't have photos of his day, the important stuff should still be documented. Go Matt!

For dinner we headed to Chris & Terry's! Fun backyard BBQ. I took lots of pictures and I will post a few...
Amazing food! Chris is an amazing cook. The Friday night home meetings are where I get my best home cooked meal of the week. I'm not such a great cook myself, I'm afraid.
We finished the evening with some nice singing. This kid is great on the guitar!
We ate some amazing ice cream for dessert and chatted around the island.
Matty and I ate ice cream to carb load for tomorrow. We are driving up to Bellingham for a bike ride. Matt is doing a century and I am doing a 25 mile bike ride (with a mountain bike!)

We are going to bed early. See you tomorrow!